Goldentyre Reifensatz GT823KH

This is our Il generation of Big Enduro tire! with a high aggressive pattern GT823 is the unique Radial tire with such high speed index currently on the market, meant mainly and above all for all the riders who love off-Road outing by riding big Adventure bikes, and even in extreme condition of mud, sand or snow you will enjoy the feeling of its amazing grip thanks to KKT knobs technology. Also when commuting on asphalt or tarmac, the low noise and the stability at high speed will let you enjoy the ride and the feeling. We always recommend – once back on asphalt – to verify the tire and rim condition after an off-road session as strong high speed impacts on stones and obstacles can seriously damage the pattern and the structure. Therefore, it is good-practice to review tire pressure before riding on tarmac or asphalt, and in the event of visible damage on tire or on the rim, it is strongly recommended to proceed at low speed
to the nearest service point.